The Builders Association of Northeast Indiana (BANI) is a nonprofit organization centered around the building industry. Comprised of bankers, builders, plumbers, electricians, interior designers, suppliers, and real estate companies just to name a few, BANI members help build communities one home at a time.

Founded in 1990 with the purpose of creating safe and affordable housing some twenty years later, our members are leaders within the communities that we represent and are focused on doing what is right for their customers. Customers can expect professional results from our professional members.

The Builders Association of Northeast Indiana (BANI) is not only a local resource for the building industry, but also stands ready and committed to assist the building consumers of the Northeast Indiana area and to provide them with affordable housing.

BANI supports the quality of our communities through active involvement.   The Association has pledged to make every neighborhood a better place to live.   BANI is proud to have participated in such community projects Habitat for Humanity and Big 10 Scholarship Raffle.

The Builders Association of Northeast Indiana is affiliated with both the Indiana Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders, currently representing over 225,000 firms associated with the housing industry.


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